Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blessing in Disguise

I *hope* that this is a blessing in disguise. I don't like it anymore than if it wasn't. So, as you know that we went to the Neurosurgeon for Layla on Thursday. I went in with a list of questions, but when the Neurosurgeon came in, he had already seen the MRI results and showed us what they looked like, etc. Then he proceeded with now we need to talk surgery! It was a thought that it MAY be needed but I think I was a bit more on the optimistic side of it because all my questioned revolved around if she didn't need surgery and restrictions to not make it worse, etc. So it just seemed from then on, I was baffled, I didn't have any questions because the ones I had were now irrelevant! Needless to say, Thursday was not a normal day for any of us, my mother in law went with me and we heard the doctor and understood but I believe that our minds were protecting ourselves by not allowing us to fully grasp the situation. My 4 YEAR OLD daughter is going to undergo brain surgery. There's no good way to look at it except that the doctor who is doing it (we looked him up!) is good at what he does since he's apparently the Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at the hospital that we're taking her to! There WAS good news however, he believes that her scoliosis is caused by her Chiari Malformation (why she's having the surgery) so he believes that after the surgery AS SHE GROWS that it will correct her scoliosis (the blessing in disguise because that means she *may* not need surgery to place rods in her back for the scoliosis.) It probably won't fix it 100% but if it improves it dramatically and no complications happen from the surgery then I'm very happy. But as Mom, I'm terrified! I'm happy that she has a GOOD doctor to take care of her, but it still is what it is and scares me to death. So, if you would, on October 16th, the day of her surgery, just put out good vibes out for her whether it be prayers or whatever it is that you practice, I would appreciate it! My little girl has gone through so much and I know it still could be far worse, but I don't like when ANY kid has to go through so much so early in life.

Thanks for reading :)


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wish Us Luck!

It's been a little crazy around here so I haven't wrote a review this week, but I'm not forgetting about any of you readers! I'll write a review on Friday, but I've been a little anxious for what is to come tomorrow! I have a 4 year old daughter, Layla who has scoliosis. She had been complaining of pain in her back so I made sure to mention it to her Orthopedic Surgeon about it. He said that was something that they take very seriously-- when they start complaining of pain. So he said that he wanted to have a MRI done! We had the MRI done last month and they called back with the results-- She has been diagnosed now with Chiari Malformation Type 1. So, they led us to a Neurosurgeon who we meet with tomorrow morning! It's for a consultation and in the visit, they'll be able to tell me whether Layla's case is mild or severe. I hope it goes well! I've been scared out of my mind since I've found out that she has it! I knew nothing about it but then reading what I could on the internet is terrifying! At least tomorrow, I'll get some answers about Layla's particular case and either be worried about what IS happening or NOT worrying about what isn't happening for her! Either way, I'll be informed and that sometimes is just the biggest helper! It's not fun NOT knowing!

So if you could be so kind to keep us in your thoughts or prayers! I'd appreciate it!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Track Your Exercise with Tractivity! 3 Win a Tractivity Bundle!

I was given the chance to test out how Tractivity  works.  I very much enjoy taking walks and then knowing how much that I’ve actually walked! There are pedometers out there, but I haven’t had my luck on them actually tracking the information of your steps or miles accurately. I’ve seen a bunch that you put on and all you have to do is shake the device a little bit and it marks every shake as a step, which doesn’t help because you can move with taking a step and it assumes that you are. When trying to lose weight and setting goals, it would make you think that you’re doing all this extra work that you’re body wasn’t actually getting! When thoroughly tracking your activities- The Tractivity Bundle makes your life so much easier! You can then track your acitivity/miles daily, weekly, and monthly to see your progress!! With their Tractivity Bundle, you get a sensor, an ankle band, a lace holder, a USB stick and a year’s membership to the site. If your trying to lose weight and want to keep track on your walking—this is PERFECT for you. Just put the sensor in the ankle band or in the lace holder (and on your shoe) and just start walking! When you’re ready to check how you’ve done, put the USB stick in to upload the data from the sensor to your account on Tractivity- EASY!
If you’d like more information on Tractivity, go to their site and they can better help you!
You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter!

They were generous enough to allow 3 lucky readers to win each a Tractivity Bundle!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee by ToiletTree Products

You don’t know how useful a fogless mirror is until you’ve tried one! First off, I had the honor of trying out the Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee. At first I was unsure how it easy it would be to apply in my shower, but it really wasn’t that bad! I was delayed on trying it because I thought it was going to be more complicated, but it was really rather easy! My husband at first thought it was stupid and thought that it was more in the way than anything. The reason being that he can’t see really much at all without his glasses, but once he tried it, he’s been using it every day since! It used to be when he shaved (after showering) that he’d HAVE to use aftershave because if he didn’t, his skin would be irritated by the shaving. Since he’s been shaving in the shower, I think because of the extra moisture for shaving in the shower, he no longer needs aftershave and skin doesn’t get any irritation! He’s more willing to shave in general because it doesn’t hurt anymore! So, needless to say, I’m super excited about that!   You also wouldn’t believe how useful it can be for a woman in the shower, washing your face has become easier and faster! No missing spots and if you get soap in your eyes or anything you can remove it all. It’d drive me nuts having to wipe my face off a bunch of times trying to guess where the soap was coming from. This simple product has become of GREAT use for our house! Oh yes and it stays fogless as long as you put warm water in the back of it each time you shower. It’s not that hard, it slides right off it’s base to put water in. This isn’t a problem, but wanted to state so people were aware that it’s not fogless ALL on its own with ZERO help.

Check out more ToiletTree Products on their website, you won’t regret it!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ozeri Ceramic Knives Review

I received the Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3-Piece KnifeSet and I was AMAZED! I wasn’t all that familiar with ceramic knives before using these! Boy, have I been missing out!! I only wish that they came in a block set! I’m officially addicted to ceramic knives though so they’ve done their job on that! I cut all sorts of things with them and didn’t get any trouble with cutting anything. I cut steaks, chicken, and potatoes—none of them giving me any trouble on trying to cut with them! They were really sharp, but I suppose would have to be to cut so well through things that normally give you problems with ordinary metal knives!  I can’t really express of how much I LOVE these knives! I just wish I had more of them!! The only thing that seems off with them, but is NOT a problem for me- it says that they’re supposed to weigh less than other nights but to me they seem heavier. The fact that they’re ceramic means that they will not corrode or rust with moisture, oils, and acids. I highly recommend these knives to anyone and everyone who has reason to use knives (if you cook at all or are in the kitchen even to make a sandwich)! My only thing to say to Ozeri is that I hope you come out with a bigger set for like a block of them!!

You can find more information about their products on their website and on Facebook

Monday, July 8, 2013 Review

I was looking for cool and different shirt companies. I love clothes! I love clothes that are different and I enjoy a good funny t-shirt! I found and was excited when I did! I was then even more excited that they wanted me to review a T-Shirt! Unlike some places, they allowed me to pick what shirt I wanted to review and so I did! I picked a less offensive t-shirt however, for the purpose of this review. I didn’t want to have a TOO vulgar of a t-shirt upsetting any of my readers! I will post about some of their more vulgar t-shirts that they have just to let everyone know what kind of shirts that they do have. I don’t have a problem with their shirts, I enjoyed a lot of them that were more outspoken because sometimes I believe that people are too afraid of saying what they want or think! is NOT afraid to put it out there and I LOVE them for it! They have reasonable prices for their shirts too! 

I got the shirt “I Didn’t Say It Was Your Fault… I Said I Was Going To BLAME You.” Now this was a shirt that amused me because it’s something that my mother would say to me—she’s a bit of a smartass.  I’m 24 years old and it’s something that she would still say to me- she’s a bit of a quirky woman. Anyway, I tried to get something that wouldn’t get dirty looks, but more looks of amusement! The quality of the shirt was excellent! I’ve ordered shirts from different places and sometimes they run small or maybe fade or lettering peel—these shirts did NO such thing! Did I also mention that I LOVE them because they’re outspoken?! It’s just a bit of “fresh air” kind of feeling. I don’t like the easily offended. I’m respectful of others BUT there ARE some people that have their sensitivity up a little too high! They also carry Offensive T-Shirts, Funny T-Shirts, Stupid T-Shirts, F^%K T-Shirts, Beer Drinking T-Shirts, Attitude T-Shirts, Funny Pop Culture Parody T-Shirts, and Custom T-Shirts.

Other Shirts that they carry (can't post all but I picked a few):

If you’re not easily offended by words, I highly recommend checking out their site and looking at their shirts and buying one! You can check them out on multiple social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Acure Organics Review

I came across Acure Organics when I was desperately looking for a “cure” for my excessively dry hair! Growing  up, I always had hair that looked oily even after I showered- it was very annoying! Anyway, so I was on a search to fix my hair because I have a sensitive scalp and so I feel every little tangle that my hair has and it hurts! Then, I came across Acure Organics and I told this wonderful lady my needs and she was kind enough to send me a few things that she thought my meet my needs! She sent me Pure Mint + Echinacea Stem Cell Volumizing Shampoo, Pure Mint + Echinacea Stem Cell Volumizing Conditioner, Argan Cell Stimulating Body Wash, Argan Oil + Mint Facial Cleansing Cream, Day Cream: Gotu Kola Stem Cell + 1% Chlorella Growth Factor, Balancing Rose + Red Tea Facial Toner, and Dark Chocolate + Mint Lip Balm!

Now for starters, I’m not a big fan of mint of really anything. I do like the little mint hard candies, but most everything else- not big on! Even so, when I used the shampoo and conditioner- I was amazed! I could feel the change in my hair already and I hadn’t even finished using the products! My hair felt very silky and very easy to brush now! I was beyond pleased since I wasn’t having any luck with other shampoos & conditioners! I loved the Argan Cell Stimulating Body Wash too! It smelled wonderful and left me feeling refreshed! It also left my skin residue free and the clean kind of soft!

I also don’t normally care for things on my face- I have sensory issues when it comes to things on my face, but the Argan Oil + Mint Facial Cleansing Cream felt just fine on my face! It felt like it was actually cleaning it and ridding of the dirt and dry skin that was there before! I don’t even know where to begin with the Day Cream! I guess the smell, it was VERY delightful to have my skin! The facial toner was a little weird because you had to spray it on your face, but I got used to it quickly! After using the face products for a week, I felt like I had a brand new face already!

The Dark Chocolate + Mint Lip Balm was nice- who doesn’t like a good lip balm?! It kept my lips looking and FEELING healthy! This would be especially good in the winter when your lips get dried out!

Acure’s slogan is “Acure for your skin. Acure for the Planet.”  I certainly found a cure in their products!

To find out more information about their products, check out their website or find them on Facebook and Twitter!